Pocono Raceway - September 21st (Team Tandems Competition) & September 22nd (Fun Drifting)

Winner Takes All Prize: $2,500

Event Information 



The team tandems competition will take place on September 21st. Open practice will take place on the specifically designed course starting at 9am and ending at 1pm. It will be open practice and open drift for only registered teams during this time period. The competition will begin at 2:00pm. 

Enter the track through Gate 1 during the designated load-in time that was emailed to you


Where/Course Layout: 

The competition will take place at Pocono Raceway on South Course. The course layout for this event will use the south back straight as the event grid and the front small stretch as the initiation point. After initiating teams will come up through the 90 degree turn and loop back out towards the hill and into the large hairpin. There will be two scrape walls and three clipping points that will be the main focal points of the course. 

Driver Cap: 

This event is capped at 26 drift teams. Each team will receive on entire NASCAR bay for the weekend. All NASCAR bays have been reserved for the registered drift teams. Each drift team is invited to print and hang a team banner outside their garage bay. 

Event Cost: 

Participants will have an opportunity get involved in two different ways - either with a two day pass or a three day pass. Two day passes will cost $300 and will be for both Saturday and Sunday only and will allow registered drivers to drive South Course on Saturday and both East and South Course on Sunday.  Accepted teams and drivers can decide to add on Friday drifting for an additional $50. 

Event Times: 

Registered drifters who purchase the three day pass will be able to participate in all three days of the festival including drifting on North course & South Course on Friday, South course on Saturday and North and South road courses on Sunday. Drivers who purchase the two day pass will be able to participate on Saturday (South course) and Sunday (North and South Course)

Saturday Team Tandems Competition Important Times: Practice goes live at 9am and ends at 1pm. The competition starts at 2pm with an anticipated end time of 4-4:30pm. 

Cage Requirement: 

The team tandems competition will not require participants to have a cage. All barriers and scrape walls will be plastic and filled lightly with water and packed with foam blocks on both sides of the barriers. The course design has been created to be tight and technical allowing all teams to be competing at a safe speed. Non-caged team tandems drivers will NOT be able to participate in the hot lapping sessions that the Open Drift Invite Only group will be participating in. This group is reserved for A only - caged drivers. There will be independent lap sessions on all three days that non-caged team tandems drivers will be able to participate in, however tandem runs on these courses (outside of the team tandems competition) is not permitted for non-caged drivers. 

Team Requirements:  

Teams must have a minimum of 3 drivers and a maximum of 5 at all times in order to compete.All drivers must meet Stacked tech requirements and pass tech all three days of the festival. Please click here for a list of tech requirements for participants. 


Three will be three judges for the competition all of which will be judging team's entire runs. Judges will be very knowledgeable drifters in the community who have extensive hours behind the wheel drifting in tandems. Judges are TBA 

Competition Format: 

After the set practice time has expired the completion will begin 2:00pm. All teams will get three runs and each run will be judged on the below criteria. Once all registered teams have completed their three runs the 8 teams with the highest scores will move onto the top 8. The top 8 will follow a single elimination bracket. Teams will battle head to head and the losing team will get knocked out. The competition will continue this way until all teams have been knocked out but one. 8 - 4 - 2 -1 

Judging and Scoring: 

Judges will be focusing on 3 areas: 

  1. Team Member Proximity: How close team members are able to get to each other throughout the course 

  2. Team Fluidity: How long team members are able to stay close together and how fluid/smooth the teams run is as a whole

  3. Team Style: How the teams looked throughout their run, whether the run was synchronized or not and the use of angles. Team appearance and individual car appearance will be taken into consideration. 

Drivers should be on the same line, with matching style and form. The lead driver is responsible for laying down the best line and the follow cars are to follow the lead driver and keep in as close proximity and uniformly as possible. 

More details: 

  1. Teams should stay in order from start to finish 

  2. Drivers should not straighten up or make severe corrections 

  3. If a team member loses control or spits out/stops drifting and starts over this is considered a severe correction 

  4. Points can be taken away or added at the judge's discretion 

  5. All judges' decisions are final 

Tire Machines: 

There will be two tire machines on site that will be free to use for all participating drivers. Please do not break them or take the tools. Do not light your tires on fire in the garages or by the machines. ​


This event will have camping available at no additional charge for drivers participating in the event and spectators. Please click here for the rules and guidelines for camping at Stacked 2019. Please note that if you prefer to not camp out that there are several local hotels that will likely sell out quickly. 

Pits/Camping/Track and Competition Etiquette:

This is outlined in the 2019 Stacked Rulebook located here​. Please familiarize yourself with the rulebook and be prepared for this weekend. Stacked and Poconos staff will have a zero tolerance policy for participants who break the rules and disrespect the venue. 

Arrival and Drivers Meetings:

There will be a drivers meeting before going live each day. Arrival load ins, team locations, and driver meeting times will be emailed out to all participants before the event. ​ALL DRIVERS ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE THE DRIVERS MEETING EACH DAY OF THIS EVENT

Shred Tires and Have A Blast: 

Stacked Motorsports Festival is all about bringing the motorsports community together. Shred with your friends, party at night and then get back up and do it all over again. This is the start of something amazing and we hope that you are as excited as we are. 

Any questions or concerns:   

Please read the FAQ sheet located here or contact us via the Contact Us page. A link is provided here