Round One of Applications for the Stacked Motorsports Festival Ends - Round Two Opens

The round one application deadline has passed for the Stacked Motorsports Festival and has left roughly 50% availability in all groups.

Round Two has begun and will run from March 15th - May 15th.

The Application Process Explained:

The application rounds serve an acceptance and announcement date for participants. The round of which you have been accepted does not change the event cost for participants however, the longer participants wait to apply the less likely tickets will be available. In round one of the acceptance process roughly 50% of the participation spots for Open Drift and Team Tandems have been designated to applied and accepted drivers and teams. Interested drivers and teams that have not applied yet will want to apply during round two of acceptances in order to secure their spot in the festival. Teams and drivers submitting applications during round two will receive notification of their acceptance at the end of the round. The week of May 15th.

Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us page located here