STACKED - Open Drift Info

30 Driver Cap

Event Information 



The Open Drift Invite-Only session is reserved for accepted drivers only.  In order to be accepted you must fill out an application.  All applications will be thoroughly reviewed and accepted drivers will be emailed an invitation with a link to register for the event.   Please click here for a link to the 2019 open drift application. Open drift session will take place on all three days of the event and will be on all three road courses including multiple courses on Sunday. The schedule will go as follows: Friday - North Course, Saturday - East Course, Sunday - North and South Course 

Enter the track through gate 1 during the designated load-in time that was emailed to you

Which Courses Will Be Used: 

The schedule will go as follows: Friday - North Course AND South Course, Saturday - East Course, Sunday - North and South Course

Driver Cap: 

This event will be capped at 30 invite-only A-Group drifters. 

Tire Machines: 

There will be two tire machines on site that will be free to use for all participating drivers. Please do not break them or take the tools. Do not light your tires on fire in the garages or by the machines. ​


This event will have camping available at no additional charge for drivers participating in the event and spectators. Please click here for the rules and guidelines for camping at Stacked 2019. Please note that if you prefer to not camp out that there are several local hotels that are expected to sell out quickly. 

Pits/Camping/Track and Competition Etiquette:

This is outlined in the 2019 Stacked Rule book located here​. Please familiarize yourself with the rule book and be prepared for this weekend. Stacked and Poconos staff will have a zero tolerance policy for participants who break the rules and disrespect the venue. 

Arrival and Drivers Meetings:

There will be a drivers meeting before going live each day. Arrival load-ins, team locations, and driver meeting times will be emailed out to all participants before the event. ​ALL DRIVERS ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE THE DRIVERS MEETING EACH DAY OF THIS EVENT

Shred Tires and Have A Blast: 

Stacked Motorsports Festival is all about bringing the Motorsports community together. Shred with your friends, party at night and then get back up and do it all over again. This is the start of something amazing and we hope that you are as excited as we are. 

Any questions or concerns:   

Please read the FAQ sheet located here or contact us via the Contact Us page. A link is provided here